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Medical Specialties

Medical Specialties


Our dental section consists of high-tech modern dental clinics. Where the best dentists provide their services in various advanced aspects of dental care. Our Indian, Arabic, Iranian, and Filipino dentist team is dedicated to providing patient-focused, high-quality dental treatment. In all aspects of dental care related to toothache or implants.
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OB Gynecology

We offer an Ob Gyne clinic near Al Satwa, Dubai, where highly trained Gynecologists. Who specialize in women’s health, including reproductive health, pregnancy, and childbirth. We provide preventive and curative health services. That incorporate various diagnostic modalities and surgical procedures for early detection and treatment.
OB Gynecology


Pediatrics is a branch of medicine that deals with children’s medical conditions and diseases from newborn to infants and adolescence. Child health is always delicate as kids require special attention and care. Because they have not developed their immune system fully to fight against all diseases. They need special care and attention for growth and development.


The first step in taking care of your health is to see a general practitioner. They are trained to provide prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for patients of all ages with a variety of conditions.


Do you have a chronic health issue that requires medical treatment as an adult? If that is the case, you should make an appointment with one of our internal medicine specialists.


Lab tests are usually a part of the diagnostic process. After talking to your doctor and having a physical exam done, there is usually the need to confirm the findings through a series of lab tests.


Diagnostic imaging is often essential to reach a diagnosis. Radiology is the medical specialty that translates body scans and images into a diagnosis or medical suspicion.



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