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Our dental section consists of high-tech modern dental clinics. Where the best dentists provide their services in various advanced aspects of dental care. Our Indian, Arabic, Iranian, and Filipino dentist team is dedicated to providing patient-focused, high-quality dental treatment. In all aspects of dental care related to toothache or implants.

Why choose us?

High trained and experienced dentists:

We have a quality-oriented and patient-focused team of dentists. Committed to restoring your teeth’ health and providing standard quality treatment. In various conditions related to teeth and oral problems. Healthy teeth make a healthy being. And because of that, our experts are here to guide you about oral hygiene and all related issues.

Modern Dental Facilities:

Al Hana Modern Medical Center has partnered with a modern dental laboratory facility. Our team of experienced doctors, technicians, and experts use high-tech materials and equipment. Especially for custom implants and prosthetics.

Infection Control:

Patients’ safety and well-being are our utmost priority. Thus, we practice strict infection prevention and hygiene principles in our clinics. Our hygiene protocols and standards meet the safety guidelines of the Dubai Healthcare Authority.

Financial packages:

Our passion is to make smiles more beautiful. Patients are encouraged to discuss their needs and payment plans.
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